Adobe Flash Player (Firefox, Netscape & Opera)


View all Flash content on your browser with Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player (Firefox, Netscape & Opera) is a useful add-on that will let you view Flash multimedia contents on your browser.

A significant number of Web pages have files in FLV and SWF formats (buttons, animations, clips, etc.) that are not compatible with the commonly used browsers, causing error messages when trying to play them back. This application will keep Firefox, Netscape and Opera always updated to avoid any restrictions when viewing files generated with Flash technology.

Adobe Flash Player will start working automatically once it is installed. With this version you’ll have better performance and greater speed to run Flash contents both on your computer and on mobile devices.

Download Adobe Flash Player (Firefox, Netscape & Opera) and start fully enjoying all the multimedia contents the Internet offers you.

• Compatible with portable devices
• Downloads and plays back YouTube videos in SWF and FLV format
• High image and audio quality
• Doesn’t use much space

• Limited format support

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Type Freeware


Size 1.15 MB

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