Adobe Flash Player (IE & AOL)


Adobe Flash Player (IE & AOL) is an essential add-on for a great user-experience while using these online browsers

Adobe Flash Player (IE&AOL) is the player add-on for Internet Explorer and the AOL browser. By installing the software it becomes possible to play SWF files and animations, or, files produced by Adobe Flash.

A great number of sites on the Internet have buttons, menus and animations developed by the renowned application. This is because Adobe Flash allows you to develop content that is visually aesthetic and rich, all of which usually has code behind its SWF format. In order that these files play correctly on your computer you will have needed to download and install Adobe Flash Player (IE&AOL) .

The application fully integrates with your IE and AOL browser, and lets you play and interact with the content online. Download Adobe Flash Player (IE&AOL) should you use these browsers as it is an essential part of your experience as an Internet user.


• Play and interact with Flash files on the Internet using IE or AOL


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