Adobe Flash Player (Opera & Chrome)


Play all kinds of media-rich content from YouTube and other sites with this amazing flash player


  • Lightweight, minimal resource use
  • Customization options
  • Reliable playback on all kinds of sites
  • Better support, higher resolution and more detailed videos and graphics
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Supports multiple codecs, HD playback, content protection
  • 2D and 3D visuals
  • Full-screen support and precision mouse controls for gamers
  • Multi-core rendering


  • Some crashing issues for the Chrome version

Adobe Flash Player is a free audiovisual plug-in for Opera and Google Chrome, developed by Adobe. Play a huge range of audiovisual files without hassle with this multi-format, highly compatible multimedia tool. The program is available to download in its full version, completely free. This version will operate on the Mac operating system.

A Flash of Chrome

Whether a high-end or a casual user, our internet browser is our first stop when we want to explore the range of wonderful content the internet provides. For many of us, the issue is that many websites, due to coding or other reasons, will be unable to render certain content due to missing plug-ins or codecs. For videos in particular, this is likely because you are missing Adobe's signature product, the Flash Player, in this case a dedicated version for both Opera and Chrome browsers. Whether it's flash games, videos or websites requiring flash support, Adobe Flash Player will allow you to browse hassle free and play all of your videos unhindered.

Overview and Features

Adobe Flash Player will not be prominent or visible once you install it, since it exists not as a stand-alone program, but a plug-in for your browser. Its operation will differ slightly between browsers, but it can typically be accessed from your toolbar or 'Preferences' to modify its settings. Most of the time, this will not be necessary. Adobe Flash Player is seamless and subtle in its approach, streamlining browsing experiences like movie-watching and in particular gaming so that we barely notice it is there. This is particularly evident in its low resources consumption. If anything, it will make your multimedia experiences faster and more efficient than ever.

The plugin, similar to its browsers, also offers a host of security features including private browsing, protection for local content (SWF or HTML extensions run on your computer or local network), and privacy protection. This effectively means that wherever you are playing back your content, you will be guaranteed a safe and secure experience. 

The program is absolutely packed with features. First, as standard, Adobe Flash Player offers playback of media-rich content in multiple formats, but it does not stop there. Adobe Flash Player will support the playback of HD-quality videos with industry-standard codecs including H.264, AAC and MP3. It supports full 2D and 3D cinematics, allowing you to create amazingly fast games with GPU rendering. The player will even optimize its performance based on your hardware settings because of its amazing chipsets. If you have a high-spec PC, Flash Player allows the construction of high-performance vector graphics able to support up to four cores. Advanced bitmap support will provide further playback support for animations. For business, there is Adobe Access, a secondary feature, which will allow you to stream video-on-demand, HD rental services, live broadcasts, and electronic sell-through.

When you're gaming, Flash Player has you covered, too. For games that require precision, the plugin offers enhanced mouse controls for users, resulting in more delicate responses, faster response times, infinite scrolling, relative mouse coordinates and more. Full-screen support lets you play with full keyboard and mouse functionality across multiple platforms. Using ActionScript and ByteArray, Flash Player will also help you improve your Mac's performance by offloading tasks to background workers. Despite all of its great features, however, the program is not without its issues. It was noticed that the Chrome version in particular has a tendency to crash when you try to deactivate the plugin manually. Updates seem to have fixed the issues, however it still happened on occasion during testing. 

The Verdict

If all goes well, you will not even notice this program, and it is its subtlety that makes it such a great choice. As a plugin, it will not interrupt your browser's regular functions, or affect its performance. While it can be customized, its regular updates ensure that it is constantly working to improve your browsing experience for you. From casual browsers, to businessmen, to gamers, there is something for everyone. Adobe Flash Player is a must-have tool for any internet user. Well worth downloading.

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