Adobe Flash Player


Adobe Flash Player: the best add-on to view content on the web


  • Can play pretty much any online media content.
  • Starts automatically when it detects the content.
  • Has various configuration options.
  • Comes with its own video and audio codecs.


  • There is still some content that it can’t play

While you browse the web, you’ve probably seen just how many pages use Flash, Adobe’s technology that’s needed to work a great deal of online media players, web animations and even web pages themselves. For a good web experience, then, you need Adobe Flash Player on your PC.

Adobe Flash Player, powering content for 20 years

If you’re going to have a media player, why not go for the official one? It’s able to identify each layer developed in Flash and operate the timelines correctly—something key to ensuring a good browsing experience.
And that’s not all: now, thanks to Adobe Flash Player, you can set the dimensions of the video according to your preference, bearing in mind that the experience will vary depending on the resolution of your screen. You can also see videos and animations in LFV or SWF formats, and all that without resorting to external players.

Security is everything

Lately debate’s been had about the security of Adobe Flash Player. The program has undoubtedly been used to negative ends, however for this very reason it's more and more secure with every version update.
As with any program, it’s recommended that you use the most recent version to avoid data theft and malware viruses. Download the latest version now without hesitation!