Adobe Flash Professional CS5


Another astounding app from Adobe allowing you to create audiovisual and interactive content such as animation, kinetic typography, and ActionScript games


  • Multilanguage platform
  • Integration between the suite’s tools
  • Supports 3D graphics
  • High image and audio quality


  • Features are complex for the average user

Adobe Flash Professional CS5 is a leading developing suite for creating interactive contents to be displayed on smartphones, tablets, computers, television sets, etc. With this application you can produce contents regardless the size and the resolution of the target device.

This important content design and development software has integration with other programs of the Adobe family, such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator among others. It has also a powerful engine that allows manipulating text (design and format). Adobe Flash Professional CS5 performs the transformation of 3D objects, manages FLA files, creates animations and Web applications. Besides, this program expands the functionality of drawing tools, since it has the option to trace shapes and add motion effects.

Adobe Flash Professional CS5 includes performance improvements for programming and exporting. It also has a movement editor that makes it possible to alter the parameters of each frame and thus modify the size, position, filters, rotation, etc. It is a useful instrument to save time and resources, since it includes innumerable functions within the same interface.

Adobe Flash Professional CS5 icon

Type Shareware

Version 5.5

Size 1.03 GB

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