Edit and design professional looking graphics


  • Customizable interface
  • Integration between the suite’s tools
  • Converts images to vector graphics and vice versa
  • Wide range of strokes and effects


  • Demands a lot of resources

Adobe Illustrator CS6 is the ultimate graphics editor for working with vector images. Due to its ease of use and excellent performance, it's chosen by both fans and professionals.

Create quality vector graphics

The great benefit of using vectors in your work is that they are adequate for any medium, digital or graphical, since they maintain their quality and definition at any scale. Regardless of how much the image size is changed, it will conserve all of its attributes and details.

With Adobe Illustrator CS6 you’ll be able to create and edit vector graphics with surprising ease. You’ll have a large variety of different brushes and strokes available, tools to create intricate shapes, fluid graphics and very striking special effects.

This complete program lets you draw in perspective, create patterns and edit any object freely. You can change the size, degrade, colors, shadows and transparency, among other attributes. Besides, you’ll be able to edit by layers, which lets you do a very detailed job without the fear of ruining the original image.

Besides, Adobe Illustrator CS6 will not only let you create vector images from scratch. It will also let you trace any other raster image (or bitmap) to convert it into an editable vector image. The program will automatically carry out the conversion, but you can adjust and define the image on your own to achieve more reliable results.

Versatility and convenience in the design

With Adobe Illustrator CS6 you’ll be able to create designs and images to be used in a printed medium, on the Web or even on mobile devices. For example, you’ll be able to arrange each element and text in a pixel grid to precisely determine its location on a website. Besides, the effects you apply will be maintained regardless of the resolution. You’ll also be able to define multiple pages and move elements between them in case some of them are repeated in the same location.

The Adobe Illustrator CS6 environment is very clean and organized, especially designed to make your work flow comfortably. For a start, you can have multiple editing windows opened simultaneously, letting you work more conveniently on various elements at once. You’ll be able to align them, overlay them and change their sizes, and even move between them.

Besides, you’ll find the tool or effect you are looking for very easily. You’ll have access to a panel to control its look by just selecting an object, with which you’ll modify absolutely any property, from the size to the transparency.

What’s new in the latest version

Adobe Illustrator CS6 is this editor’s most recent version, and it includes several new functions and improvements since Illustrator CS5.

New performance system: In this version it will be much easier for you to work with very large or complex files, with greater stability.

Vector mosaics: You’ll be able to create patterns from any design, with great flexibility.

Image tracing: You’ll be able to convert any raster image to a vector image, and vice versa, with great precision.

Degrade over traces: You’ll be able to apply degrade directly over your traces, either over its length, over its width, or inside it.

Improvement in applying effects: You’ll enjoy special effects such as blurring, some brightness and shadow will be applied much faster and with greater precision. You’ll be able to see the change in real time before applying it, which will help you work better.

Improvements in the work space: You’ll edit panels directly, including the name of layers, brushes and tools. Besides, you’ll be able to move and dock buttons and toolbars, to adjust the interface to your needs.

Improvements in the tool panels: Now, taking color samples, changing typefaces and adjusting scale factors will be much faster and simpler.

These are just some of the functions that you’ll be able to enjoy with Adobe Illustrator CS6. Something worth mentioning is the ease with which this program integrates with other tools in the Adobe suite. This becomes a great advantage, since you’ll be able to move work and elements between the different applications without any effort. Besides, it uses industry standard file formats, so you’ll also be able to open and edit your creations in programs such as CorelDraw or similar ones.

In summary, this application will provide you with all the required tools for designing with vectors, for any medium. Download Adobe Illustrator CS6 for free and let your creativity flow!

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Type Shareware

Version CS6

Size 1.58 GB

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