Adobe Illustrator


The most complete program for working with vector images


  • Vector images editing
  • Multiple tools
  • Customizable interface
  • Integrated with Creative Cloud


  • Advanced knowledge required to use
  • Takes up a lot of disk space

Adobe Illustrator is the program created by the Adobe design team that helps you work with vector images. It's the perfect program for architects, illustrators and web designers.

Work with images without losing quality

Working with vector images in Adobe Illustrator allows you to resize them without losing any quality, since they are based on geometric shapes. An image can be enlarged by up to 4 times its size without any loss of quality.

Tools and an interface tailored to your needs

The program includes a large number of tools, from brushes and palettes, to advanced editing features with which to work. It also includes templates for creating web pages, posters, leaflets for shows, and tickets, among others. The interface is fully customizable to suit each user, with the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to perform actions, and add or remove libraries of brushes, colors, etc.
As with other Adobe programs, Adobe Illustrator is integrated with the Creative Cloud, and is also integrated with the app for iPad: Adobe Comp CC, with which you can edit any project you have created in Illustrator, and vice versa.
Adobe Illustrator is a very comprehensive and complex program, so fairly advanced knowledge is required to get the most out of it. It also allows you to add filters and 3D effects, but this requires a powerful processor for fast rendering, and overall, a decent amount of memory space on your computer since Illustrator takes up a fair chunk.

Adobe Illustrator icon

Type Shareware

Version CS6 16.0

Size 1.88 GB

Other versions

CS6 16.0