Create amazing websites with Adobe Muse CC for PC

Adobe Muse CC is the new and improved version of the most popular web design software and is full of new features and improvements.

One remarkable new feature added to this version is in-browser editing. This is a super useful feature that lets the client as well as the user and creator of the site to easily manage site content. They can do so without even accessing the Muse file, so it is a much easier alternative to what was done with previous versions. All that a user or site creator needs to do is enable the CMS features in Site Properties, and once invited, client and user alike can update any type of content.

Adobe Muse CC also features the addition of a new Layers panel that allows users to design as if they were using any other Adobe program. Users can select specific layers or elements in the design of their site and manipulate them using tools similar to those found in Photoshop CC and other famous Adobe programs. Parallax scrolling is another visual feature that will add that extra touch of style and class to any website. What it does is allow the site designer to control the speed and direction that elements move when someone scrolls down.

The developers at Adobe have also figured out how to make various forms work on many different hosting platform or provider. For instance, the Muse contact forms now work with any hosting platform, so no matter which one you publish or upload your site to, you will get an email when anyone changes anything. Of course, another super useful feature is Creative Cloud integration, which lets team members edit the same project from any device or computer. Changes are tracked and saved as the file or project is edited.

Download a free trial of Adobe Muse CC for PC and create amazing and innovative websites.

• In-browser editing
• Layers panel
• Parallax scrolling
• Support for most hosting platforms
• Creative Cloud integration

• Steep learning curve

Adobe Muse CC limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 5.0 Build 704

Size 2 MB

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5.0 Build 704