Adobe PageMaker

Adobe PageMaker is a program for the design of all sorts of printed projects, from fliers and bulletins to multipage publications.

With Adobe PageMaker it is possible to organize images, text, graphics, tables and everything required for any type of publication. Thus, it makes it possible to assemble magazines, pamphlets, press releases, supplements and innumerable other projects.

All the work with this application can be based on some of the built-in default templates. Thus, the development task gets simplified enormously. However, users can choose to start from scratch, since Adobe PageMaker includes all the tools required for the project to take shape from a blank page.

Although Adobe has abandoned its development and has presented Adobe InDesign as its successor, Adobe PageMaker presents itself as a more user-friendly and simple alternative with which new users will be able to start with the design of printed projects.

• Intuitive interface
• Gallery of predesigned templates
• Wide range of options

• No support from its developers
• Functionality surpassed by similar programs

Adobe PageMaker limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 7.0.1

Size 64.14 MB

Other versions

7.0.1 7.0