One of the best professional photo-editing suites ever developed


  • Improved control for multiple layers
  • Better memory use
  • Non-destructive editing through intelligent objects
  • Customizable interface
  • Automate tasks


  • In order to become proficient using Photoshop, you must learn how to use it

Adobe Photoshop CS2 welcomes you to the complex and fascinating world of professional photo edition. With this software you’ll add effects to your pictures, correct common mistakes and take your creativity to a new level with a great number of rich and surprising tools.

Although created as a program to edit all types of images and polish their imperfections, there is so much more to Adobe Photoshop CS2. Obviously you’ll find the instruments required to modify your files’ colors, adjust brightness or contrast, eliminate red eyes or get rid of unwanted objects, but that’s not all.

The large number of tools, filters, effects and palettes make it possible to create images from scratch. Thus, Adobe Photoshop CS2 becomes a digital art studio giving you great pencil and brush tools. You can even customize the shadows, radiance, bevels, textures, and distortions of each.

Adobe is a brand recognized as thoroughly innovative. Adobe Photoshop CS2 shows this with a number of improvements in comparison to its precursor.

Among the novelties that stand out most you’ll find improved support for RAW extensions, the addition of Adobe’s Digital Negative (DNG), the inclusion of corrective utilities for noise and optical deformation produced by lenses, the presentation of intelligent objects to import Illustrator files and the renewal of the interface, which is totally customizable and much more organized.

One of Adobe Photoshop CS2’s greatest strengths is its integration with Adobe’s creative suite. Here you find the support of the other great programs, which will significantly increase how you can manipulate imagery in line with your imagination.

For example what you edit with Photoshop can be sent to Illustrator, Fireworks or any other software of the Adobe family. This is possible with Adobe Bridge, a content browser that will help you exchange material between the different applications; this will also let you edit multiple files simultaneously.

It should be noted that, despite its complex look, Adobe Photoshop CS2 is a program that can be used easily after a short learning time. With intuitive tools all with their own hotkeys you can become ready to work with the professional suite in no time and at fast pace. To help you learn how to use it, the software itself has many tutorials and with an Internet connection you’ll be able to enter search queries from within and it will search beyond for the answers.

Although some people may discuss the validity of using software that is several years old, the truth is that this version is one of the most refined and best-performing editions in the application’s history. Therefore, be sure to download Adobe Photoshop CS2 for free to start working with photographic editing and design.

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Type Shareware

Version 1.0.21

Size 329.02 MB

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