Adobe Premiere Pro


Create impressive clips with this video editor tool for real time editing

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editor with which you’ll be able to work in real time and achieve results in a professional quality. Regardless of the type of work you want to carry out, this application has all the tools you need to create impressive clips.

Use a large number of tools

Adobe Premiere Pro is an extremely complete program, with all the functions you need to achieve a video in an excellent quality. Editing is done on a timeline, making it simpler to organize and manage your projects conveniently.

The Adobe Premiere Pro timeline can be split by milliseconds, making operations such as cutting, adding and joining elements extremely precise. Thus, you’ll achieve a perfect harmony between images and transitions, giving the video a professional finish.

You’ll be able to change the playback speed to achieve slow or fast motion scenes, without changing the image quality or the animation fluidity. Besides, Adobe Premiere Pro will let you adjust and modify the colors without any effort, change sharpness, achieve a blur effect to make certain parts of the scene stand out or to simulate movement, etc.

This editor will also easily let you correct defects. You’ll be able to fix color balance even in images with an irregular lighting, stabilize erratic camera movements, etc.

Work quickly and without complications

Creating and editing videos is often a hard task, since you have to pay a lot of attention to many details at the same time. Therefore, Adobe Premiere Pro includes various functions that will simplify the job enormously.

For a start, you have two “monitors” to view the video. In the first one you’ll see the original sequence, and in the second one, all the elements that you add and modify. Thus, you’ll see the changes in real time and compare them with the original, to decide what is best in each shot.

Besides, Adobe Premiere Pro lets you add elements in all supported formats, without restrictions. For example, if you have two video clips with different extensions, you’ll be able to add them to the timeline without having to convert any of them previously.

On the other hand, from the project manager you’ll be capable of storing media, move all the resources you use to a single part of the disk, free up storage space, etc. Adobe Premiere Pro also lets you customize keyboard shortcuts to speed up frequent operations and then export this configuration to use it on any other computer.

Process images and video much faster

The Adobe Premiere Pro rendering engine has an excellent performance, letting you process video and view the changes in real time. That means you won’t have to interrupt the playback sequence at any moment; this will undoubtedly speed up your work time.

Adobe Premiere Pro provides you with an option to specify your hardware, such as your processor and video card, to optimize its performance according to your computer’s capacities. This will let you enjoy the full capacity of this editor without affecting playback speed or smoothness.

A video editor for all your projects

Adobe Premiere Pro includes so many tools and functions that it’s impossible to include all of them in a description. Regardless of what you want to do with your videos, this editor will be able to handle it. Whether you are a professional or just an amateur, this program will help you to get your projects finished much faster and with excellent results.

Besides, the work space is designed to maximize efficiency, without overloading the interface with tools and menus. What’s more, you’ll be able to choose what elements you want in the main window and in what positions, depending on your needs.

It´s true that Adobe Premiere Pro can intimidate new users due to the large amount of functions it offers. The learning curve is very steep, but it´s worthwhile, due to the final results. As you use this program, you’ll discover new and creative ways of making full use of it and achieve projects with a professional finish.

Download Adobe Premiere Pro for free and maximize your creativity!

• Wide range of options
• Customizable interface
• Extremely precise timeline
• Hardware optimization

• Some features can be complex for new users

Adobe Premiere Pro limitations:
• 30-day trial
• Purchase or registration reminder

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Type Shareware

Version 7.1.0 Build 141

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