Adobe Reader for Android


Adobe Reader for Android, the best way to reed pdf files on your Android Device


  • To add notes on texts
  • Simple an intuitive interface
  • The free version very complete


  • Nothing remarkable

PDF has become a popular and very used format for users around the world. Thanks to its functionality has become a standard on computer’s world, and specially for the managing of documents.
Well, there are many programs able to open this kind of file, but there is no one better than the official one: Adobe Reader for Android.

If you download Adobe Reader for Android you could open your PDF files directly from an e-mail, from a website or from any app. Moreover, it also allows you to do a searching on the texts to find a specific word and also the option to add notes to the documents, so that way you can find easily anything important you need about a sentence, a paragraph or similar. In addition, with Adobe Reader for Android you can highlight the texts as if you were using a common highlighter.
But that’s not all: Adobe Reader for Android also allows you to write directly on empty boxes if you have to fill a formulary to print it later. Finally, the last versions of Adobe Reader for Android also let users to send the documents to cloud services such as Adobe Document Cloud or Dropbox.

It has to be noted that Adobe Reader for Android is totally free, although there are licenses you can buy to add more options, like to export and import documents to excel or word and more. Download Adobe Reader for Android and enjoy reading pdf files without problems.

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Type Freeware

Version 9.0.0 (Symbian)

Size 893.3 kB

Other versions

9.0.0 (Symbian) 9.0.0 (Android 2.1-2.3)