Adobe Reader is the most complete PDF file manager available

Adobe Reader is undoubtedly the best PDF file manager on the market. As soon as you decide to download this excellent utility, you’ll discover its variety of features and great number of possibilities.

Currently, more and more users work with PDF contents, since these types of documents offer multiple benefits in relation to presentation and privacy of information. However, many people don’t have the adequate application to access these documents.

Everybody who wants to have complete and diverse software should download Adobe Reader for free. With this utility it is possible to view and work with PDF files generated by diverse programs and saved in any version. The software will has no problems displaying images, graphics, tables or forms and is ready to show all of these items in the best quality.

At first, you’ll find the classic options of this type of utility: tools to zoom in and out, a function to create a capture of the visible part, a spell-checker and diverse alternatives for printing. However, as you get more familiar with Adobe Reader you’ll notice that its potential is much greater.

An interesting feature of Adobe Reader is its comment area. In it, the user will find numerous tools to improve reading and make it more systematic. It is possible to access a highlighter and an underlining pencil, to mark the most important ideas in a text, or to use the strikeout option to discard unnecessary contents.

Readers are also be able to add notes on any part of the document. This lets them register any doubt or questions, make connections with similar text or show a discrepancy in the text. In all of these cases, the comments are grouped in a specific tab to let different users access them at any moment.

One of the main innovations of the latest Adobe Reader version is the “Share” button. Thanks to this function you can send your file to any email address without the need to access your account. The program will simply ask you for the destination email, and within seconds it will be sent. The “SendNow” technology included in this area is surprisingly fast and effective.

It is also worth noting that, beyond its good transfer options, Adobe Reader stands out because of its excellent security system. The program’s protected mode ensures that no data gets out about the users’ identity such as their passwords or personal information. The application will also warn you if any document contains malicious code or spyware, and will block its viewing unless the user decides otherwise.

Finally, it is important to note that in Adobe Reader you’ll always encounter an extremely attractive interface, identified with a minimalist design that enhances its main functions.


• Wide range of tools
• Renewed comment area
• Ensured identity protection
• "Share" feature


• Includes no editing options
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Type Freeware

Version DC

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