Advanced Download Manager


Advanced Download Manager, a powerful manager for your files downloads


  • Download 3 files at the same time
  • Accelerates the download speed


  • It can make your device go slow

Maybe you download a lot of files directly with your device. It would be great to manage all of them without worrying about anything, right? Now is possible with Advance Download Manager.

Advance Download Manager is a powerful downloads manager that will allow you to download up to three files at the same time at high speed.
No matter where the files are from: you can get the link from a website and to begin to download them with Advance Download Manager. You have the option to configure the speed of each one of them, so that way you can prioritize any element of your list.

Moreover, Advanced Download Manager includes more interesting features such as: the possibility to customize its interface as you like; to plan and to organize all the downloads; to manage and to organize all the folders and to decide in which folder you want to put the downloaded files; and even to navigate with its own browser.

As you can see, Advanced Download Manager comes with a lot of options and features so you will enjoy more downloading all kind of files in a fastest and more organized way so don’t think anymore and download it now.

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Type Freeware

Version 4.0.3

Size 1.65 MB

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