AdwCleaner, get rid of pesky adware, spyware, and toolbars


  • Effective security tool.
  • Eliminate adware, spyware, and toolbars.
  • Remarkable system of search and identification.
  • Uninstall feature.


  • Lacks real-time protection.

AdwCleaner is a tool that will really beef up the security of your computer. It has the best options to get rid of internet ads, delete toolbars, and eliminate unwanted software in an extremely effective way. What’s more, running it is very practical thanks to its simple interface.


PUP stands for "Potentially Undesirable Programs", which relates to all those pieces of software that are installed onto the the computer without the user’s permission.

As soon as you’ve downloaded it for free, AdwCleaner works to the highest standard to remove adware, homepages, and other browser extensions, and does so using a remarkable search and destroy system. When running, it will carry out an exhasutive analysis of the different locations of your computer in order to locate and delete everything that could act as an irritant to the computer’s performance.

Don’t let anything push you around when you’re browsing

In addition, AdwCleaner is extremely simple to run; you’ll be eliminating adware and spyware (especially those related to ads) in no time. This is owing to the ‘uninstall’ feature, through which you can easily get rid of programs and applications that don’t have their own uninstall function. You’ll also get complete protection against hijackers—small applications that assault your browser and modify automatically your homepage and search bars. Take back control of your browser.

If you want a simple tool that destroys adware, spyware, and other elements, don’t let this opportunity pass you by: Download AdwCleaner for free!

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Type Free (GPL)

Version 7.2.2

Size 7.07 MB

Other versions

7.2.2 7.2.1 7.2.0 7.1.1