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Add amazing effects to your films with After Effects CC for PC

After Effects CC is the latest version of the most popular visual effects and motion graphics software that lets users add effects as well as 2D and 2.5D animation to video files.

The first thing users will notice is the new Live 3D Pipeline feature. This allows users to use scenes created with Cinema 4D without having to render them again. Users will be able to use scenes and even objects as footage without rendering first and then experiment with different things like camera angles and more. As you can guess, Cinema 4D agreed to provide a lighter version of the software to be integrated into the Creative Cloud and used with Live 3D Pipeline.

After Effects CC also features a new Refine Edge tool that automatically analyzes and soft-edged areas. It is the perfect tool for creating composites that include leaves, hair, grass, and more, as well as backgrounds blurred by motion. It is a great alternative to manually rotoscoping individual scenes. The Pixel Motion Blur tool is new as well and acts as a filter to add motion blur in any scene. It works by analyzing the per-pixel position difference between each frame.

The Warp Stabilizer VFX is not a new feature, but has been greatly improved. It allows for certain parts to remain stable in a scene while the rest moves together as it would in a normal shot. The 3D camera tracker has also been improved and now analyzes much faster and lets users delete tracking points and create a ground plane/origin. Of course, another super useful feature is Creative Cloud integration, which lets team members edit the same project from any device or computer. Changes are tracked and saved as the file or project is edited.

Download a free trial of Adobe After Effects CC and create amazing effects for your film projects.

• Live 3D Pipeline with Cinema 4D integration
• Refine Edge tool
• Pixel Motion Blur filter
• Warp Stabilizer VFX tool
• 3D camera tracker
• Creative Cloud integration

• Steep learning curve

After Effects CC limitations:
• 30-day trial
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