Age Of Empires II Gold Edition


Age Of Empires II Gold Edition

Age Of Empires II Gold Edition is a version of the second release of the well-known real-time strategy game that puts you in charge of a civilization to conquer others. In different game modes you’ll have to show your resource manager and military strategist abilities, for as you plan your city you’ll have to defend against attacks from other players while planning your own big offensive.

Build and defend your city while you conquer your enemies

The game consists in developing a civilization and defending it from various sieges while you plan how to conquer your enemies. To construct your buildings and maintain your people you’ll have to develop certain activities. For this purpose you’ll assemble your villagers and assign them different tasks to erect buildings, get weapons and provide food for the population. Thus you’ll get the resources you need (stones, wood and gold) to prosper over time.

Other ways to get resources will appear as your civilization advances. For example, there are artifacts called relics, objects that monks can use to make gold. The more relics you get the more gold you’ll be able to create in less time.

Once you have built a market and have allies, you’ll be able to trade with them, getting a tribute for every transaction. This type of tax will let you accumulate gold that you’ll be able to use to buy stones, food or wood in the town’s market.

An important aspect is the development of your town’s military. Having an army is everything in Age Of Empires II Gold Edition. It is true that there can’t be an army without resources, but even if you have the richest society in Medieval times, if you are attacked and don’t have an army you’ll lose before you know what happened.

Armies cost gold, wood and food. The people you can choose for playing include the Byzantines, Aztecs, Japanese, Chinese, Celts, Teutons, English and more than 13 other civilizations. Each of them has unique technologies and war units.

Know the Age Of Empires II Gold Edition game modes

This title includes various modes to challenge virtual enemies or friends. Thus, it is possible to confront the computer in campaign mode and in a standard battle, in which you win by total combat, regicide or conquest, depending on the game type. It is also possible to choose multiplayer scenarios.

Campaign mode. The game developers have made an effort to develop missions based on real events. As a result, you’ll be able to participate in the French emancipation at hands of Joan of Arc, the Scottish fight for freedom under William Wallace’s leadership, an Asiatic campaign to conquer the world commanded by the fierce Attila, or defend Tenochtitlan and Moctezuma with the Mexicans.

It should be noted that nowadays, Age Of Empires II Gold Edition has become a classic that may look a bit old-fashioned compared to current games. But nobody will deny that this game is great fun and that its campaigns are a true challenge for anybody who boasts of being a good strategist in this type of video games.

Standard game. In this type of game, the user will be able to choose his civilization and, if he wants, that of his enemy. He’ll also be able to choose more than one society to confront and set up alliances during the game, as well as modify the map size and type and the number of available resources, among other changes.

There are three different modes to win these battles:

• Total Combat: won by destroying the entire civilization and killing its inhabitants;

• Regicide: the objective is to kill the enemy king who is surely well-protected in imposing fortifications;

• Conquer: get the control over your enemy’s resources by destroying his urban center and killing his peasants.

Multiplayer mode. If you have friends who enjoy this game as much as you do, this will certainly be the most entertaining game type. You’ll be able to confront your friends using everything described here, as well as siege units, ships and enormous armies.

In summary, this title is a classic among strategy games, and this label isn’t unfounded. Age Of Empires II Gold Edition will entertain you greatly in your leisure time, let you challenge history with its campaigns and play with your friends via a LAN or the Internet.

• Easy to play
• Fast-paced action, making it very entertaining
• Various game modes
• You can play for many hours

• Graphics are not of high quality

Age Of Empires II Gold Edition limitations:
• First levels available
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