Age of Empires III


Age of Empires III

Age Of Empires III is the third edition of a strategy game that has marked generations. Released by Microsoft, this title will let you experience great adventures, as its precursors have done, only that this time you’ll guide your troops over the routes of the great colonizing empires of the 17th Century.

Conquer new lands with Age Of Empires III

Get ready to embark to new lands and defend them from fierce empires that are willing to do anything, in order to steal your resources and dominions outside of your borders. Set along the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, in the middle of the Golden Age and the decline of the European colonizing expeditions, this game relives a key facet of the time with a certain wildness: the military control of resources.

To give life to the game, its developers have added the new Nation States that appeared during that time to the list of civilizations. These include Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, among many others.

Each civilization has its features that are somewhat related with the state they represent. For example, Russia is one of the world’s most powerful states with a large amount of resources, Spain arises thanks to the large amount of gold that arrives from the New World, Germany doesn’t stand out due to its great economy but rather due to its warriors, and England is a superpower that has developed thanks to its skillful sailors. Each civilization in the game has its own peculiarities and every one has certain advantages over others.

Thus, Microsoft has achieved a game that will keep you breathless to the last moment, since nothing ensures a victory except for the player’s ability to manage his resources and assign them strategically.

More technology means a better economy

As could not be otherwise, history is relevant in Age Of Empires III, and it teaches us that the society that has the best technology is the most efficient one economically speaking. Thus, the developers have expanded the game’s famous “Tech Tree”, an element that has determined the choice of civilizations with which to play in the previous editions of this popular game.

In this new Tree, you’ll see progress both in social and in military areas, that is to say, the armed forces get more and more lethal and the societies more and more efficient. Obviously these advantages will be developed to a different degree for each civilization, so you must choose carefully.

To include technologies that don’t correspond to the civilizations you have chosen to play, you can make alliances with the societies in America which will offer their knowledge in exchange for certain tributes; if you are intelligent, you won’t hesitate in paying them.

Various game modes with Age Of Empires III

As any fan of this fantastic game saga knows, you can play in isolated confrontations on maps generated by the user or users, or by the computer. In these combats, victory is obtained by achieving certain preset objectives.

But what really stands out is the game’s campaign mode. Unlike the first and the second edition of the saga, in Age Of Empires III there is only one mission to play. The action, however, is tripled. This time you’ll be the head of a family that, mixing fiction and history a bit, will help the Aztecs repel the fierce French hordes, will then confront the usurpation of lands by the Spanish and British empires, and finally, under the command of the brave Simón Bolívar, will participate in the emancipation of a large part of South America.

How will you manage to live through 300 years of history in the events narrated in the campaign? You won’t; you’ll die. But your blood, flowing in your descendants, will keep your combat spirit alive, and will continue being spilt for the independence of the oppressed and their lands.

When you finish this fantastic history you’ll be able to challenge your friends in combat, since Age Of Empires III supports multiplayer mode, that can be used both on a LAN connection and over the Internet.

New Graphics in Age Of Empires III

To top it all off, Age Of Empires III has also completely improved on the previous aesthetics. This edition includes advances in the development of graphic technology for virtual worlds.

The elements that stand out most include the possibility of rotating around a selected unit on the map. This lets you see it from various perspectives that include all the dimensions, both along its length and breadth, and at different depths.

These modifications include a change in the image quality. It will also be possible to enjoy various animations that will occur when destroying buildings and when a war unit is killed.

In summary, not much more can be said about this spectacular game that hasn’t been said yet. With it you’ll have fun for hours and enjoy being part of the great events of world history, such as winning and commenting all the battles with your friends.

• High-quality graphics and audio
• Various hours of continuous playing
• Various game modes
• Multiplayer support
• Well-designed storyline

• The action can be repetitive

Age Of Empires III limitations:
• First levels available
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