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Age Of Mythology

Age Of Mythology is one of the best-known and most popular real-time strategy games. Just as many other similar titles, it´s your objective to convert your civilization into a great empire, not without first experiencing an adventure in which you’ll encounter monsters, heroes and other fantasy and mythology elements.

This game was developed by Ensemble Studios, the creators of the iconic Age of Empires saga, and it preserves many of the previous titles elements. Although gameplay is similar to Age of Empires II, you’ll find new possibilities and elements. The storyline gives its place to fantasy and legends, so you’ll find yourself fighting against minotaurs and asking for the favor of the gods.

Distinct civilizations and mythologies

As in most of the genre’s titles, Age Of Mythology lets you control different factions that vary in their strategy and game style. In this case, you’ll be able to choose between the following ancient civilizations: Nordic, Greeks or Egyptians. Each of them has different units, and different strengths and weaknesses.

To give it even more variety, there are different options within the same faction, based on each one’s three main deities. Later you’ll even be able to ally with minor deities, that will give you special benefits and features to shape your game mode.

For example, the Greeks have peasants to collect their different resources. They also have impressive archers, charioteers and war ships available, as well as heroes such as Hercules, Odisseus and Jason. You’ll be able to develop the civilization under the gaze of Zeus, Hades or Poseidon, each one of them will give you different bonuses and abilities.

On the other hand, the Egyptian civilization will work under the eye of its pharaoh, an important unit that can give you benefits in the war, speed up production or protect your citizens. You’ll have the benefit of war elephants, one of the most resistant and destructive units. You’ll also get the favor of the gods by building monuments and sacred buildings. You’ll be able to worship Ra, Isis or Seth, who will help you during the game.

Finally, the Nordic civilization can be built under the protection of Odin, Loki or Thor. You’ll have dwarves and collectors at your service to collect as many resources as possible and to transport them with your ox carts while you move over the map. Finally, although it will require more work to get the favor of the gods, with fights you’ll have very powerful warriors on the battlefields, such as the axe throwers.

Expand your empire

The game mode in Age Of Mythology is quite similar to the one included inother titles. The basic premise is still the same: you must expand your territory and achieve prosperity, while defending yourself against enemy factions.

Getting resources will be fundamental for your small settlement to grow and become a great empire. Food will let you create most units and advance to the next age, and you’ll be able to get it by collecting berries, hunting animals, fishing or harvesting farms. On the other hand, wood will be basic for many buildings, and you get it by cutting near-by forests. in contrast, gold is important for military and commercial units, and you’ll mainly get it from nearby deposits.

A fundamental difference with the Age of Empires games is that you don’t need rock, instead, you do need the “favor” of your deities. You will use the “favor” for special and mythological units, and you’ll get it in different ways, depending on the civilization.

Conversely, researching new technologies will continue being important, to get an edge and to advance to the next age. You’ll also find different “relics” that will give you different benefits, therefore it´s important to explore the maps and get them before your opponents do so. Something the three civilizations have in common is the importance of the temple, a building that will both let you communicate with your gods and invoke special mythological units.

As always, battle is an important part of the game, and you must plan your strategy keeping in mind the enemy’s weaknesses. Each type of unit is more effective against another specific type, so it´s always important to keep a balance in your army. For example, mythological monsters are powerful, but they fall easily when confronted with enemy “heroes”.

Have fun in various different ways

In Age Of Mythology you’ll be able to choose between different game modes, with different difficulty levels, so you’ll undoubtedly spend hours of fun with this title. Apart from a complete tutorial in which you’ll learn about all the title’s units and game mechanics, you’ll be able to complete a number of campaigns that will follow an enthralling storyline.

On the other hand, you’ll have various types of “quick games” in which the rules to win will be different. For example, if you choose a “Supremacy” scenario, your objective will be to eliminate all your opponents, get the territories or build and protect a “marvel”.

In “Conquest” you’ll have to get the control over all the enemy territories, in “Lightning” battles you’ll put your reflexes to test and in “Battles to death” you’ll have a fixed amount of resources to eliminate your opponents.

You’ll be able to play in over 15 scenarios with different characteristics and distributions. Besides, you’ll have a map editor, with which you’ll be able to create everything from scratch (from geographical features to the distribution of resources and units).

It should be noted that although Age Of Mythology is very fun individually, it´s even more in multiplayer battles. You’ll be able to enjoy any of its game modes in any scenario with users from anywhere in the world, either over the Internet or over a local area network.

In summary, Age Of Mythology is a title that will keep you enthralled in any of its modes and will let you create new ones to extend fun when you get bored of its scenarios. If you like strategy games and mythological stories, you’ll definitely like this title. Download Age Of Mythology free!

• Good balance between the factions
• Various game modes
• Multiplayer mode
• Fast and entertaining battles

• Nothing to report

Age Of Mythology limitations:
• First levels available
• Restricted features
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