AI RoboForm


RoboForm, fill out forms quickly and protect your passwords


  • Simple access to passwords
  • Automatically fills in forms on your behalf.
  • Practical way of displaying the passwords via icons.


  • Service similar to that offered by autocomplete options in browsers.

RoboForm is a password manager that’s also capable of filling out forms on the internet. A practical service that will let you store securely and easily all those passwords that you need to register. The best thing of all is that it after saving, all you need to do is click an icon on the browser bar to access them.

Safe password storage at the click of a button

RoboForm works on different operating systems and is compatible with any browser, which makes it more practical than the recording mechanisms that programs such as Chrome and Firefox have. The good thing about RoboForm is that you have the option of synchronizing passwords in the cloud or across every device, so you know you’ll always be in control of defining the security settings of your PC.

Even with the free version of RoboForm you can synchronize the passwords between your mobile and computer. And if it’s security you’re worried about, don’t worry: RoboForm allows you to protect the passwords with an almost military-standard encryption key, while it also lets you set a master password to access the stored data. RoboForm also has a two-step authentication system to secure everything even further.

Fill out forms in an instant

As mentioned, with RoboForm you can also fill out registration forms in no time. RoboForm saves information inputted into the personal fields and will re-enter them every time you need to use them to avoid any timewasting.

RoboForm has loads of security options to save any type of information that they also tend to ask for in forms, like credit cards, security codes, and more. More than 15 years of work in this field makes RoboForm a prestigious and trustworthy option. Try it yourself and make your life that little bit easier with RoboForm.

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