AIMP 4, one of the most in-depth music player on the market


  • Software is simple, powerful and intuitive.
  • It’s not a drain on hardware.
  • Supports lots of different formats.


  • There aren’t any editing tools

There are lots of audio players on the market, but few as powerful and diverse as AIMP 4. With a clean and simple program, you know you can rely on its ability to play a wide range of formats.

Playback, exactly how you want it

AIMP 4 allows us to: play a massive range of formats including MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, FLAC, and more, play recordings, and alter the sound using the program’s equalizer. AIMP 4 also boasts a good effects panel, designed with personalizing the audio experience in mind. It’s easy to generate echo, apply reverb in the tracks, alter the speed, and much more.

AIMP 4 is also able to apply effects whilst tracks are playing, too, such as ‘crossfade’ which allows for the mixing of the end of one song with the start of the next. And if you use files that come from different sources, you’ll probably want to use the volume normalization effect to avoid any unpleasant volume surprises while listening to your collection.

An offline application in an online world

In the last few years cloud technology has caught on, meaning files no longer exist on hard drives and remain online, available for use on any device. On the surface then, AIMP 4 looks very last century as it mainly deals with those files that are on our hard drives and other storage devices.

In this sense, AIMP 4 is more like Winamp than Spotify; you can change and view different visualizations, create local playlists change the look with skins, edit tags and even convert songs into different formats.

It has to be said that there are still many people with a huge collection of songs (some of them by artists that can’t be found that easily) that are held physically or in electronic file form. For those people, AIMP 4 does the job and does it well.

AIMP 4 icon

Type Freeware

Version 4.51.2077

Size 10.19 MB

Other versions

4.51.2077 4.51.2075 4.51.2073 4.50.2058 4.50.2056