Air Control Lite, a game to feel like an air traffic controller


  • Easy to play
  • Hours of fun


  • It can be a little bit difficult to draw the path without a touch stick

Did you ever thought about how must be to be a professional air traffic controller? It is known is one of the hardest jobs to do with a lot of responsibilities. If you want to discover it in an easy and funny way, play at Air Control Lite.

In Air Control Lite you will manage all the air traffic, taking charge of all the routes of planes and helicopters so they can arrive safe and at time to their destination. To complete your task you will have to draw the path they will have to follow, but taking care of to not make crash between them. Planes will have to land into the landing strips and helicopters have their spot to land too.
You will have to think fast and to change the route of planes and helicopters because each one goes with its own speed, so one can be faster than other and if both are going to land in the same place you will have to change quickly the route of one of them.
Moreover, in Air Control Lite you can play in different stages, such as big or small airports and even aircraft carriers.

Test your abilities and discover if you could be a great air traffic controller by the hand of Air Control Lite, it’s a free and very addictive game!

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Type Freeware

Version 2.08 (Android 2.1-2.2)

Size 2.9 MB

Other versions

2.08 (Android 2.1-2.2)