Whether finding the perfect accommodation, or offering it to others, this is what travel apps should be


  • Travel and Host features let you plan your holiday, or help make someone else's a reality
  • Simple UI and menus for Travel and Host features
  • Discover ensures you'll find somewhere to go, with features on the world's most popular destinations
  • Wish Lists
  • Social Media sharing options via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and more
  • Invite your friends for travel credit
  • Browsing for accommodation is easy with thumbnails, pricing, photos and other information on display


  • Little verification required on the part of travellers

Airbnb is a free-to-download Android app derived rom the popular website of the same name that helps you find and promote great places to stay around the world.

Traveller or Host

Airbnb is the Android version of the popular travelling and accommodation website that lets you arrange your perfect holiday on the go. As an add-on to an already active website, the app is designed to help travellers find a place to stay as quickly as possible. The best thing about it is that anyone can advertise a room, as long as they follow Airbnb regulations.

The app's interface is simple and easy to grasp, containing menus for travelling and hosting, the two main functions of the website. The Travelling menu lets you plan your current holiday, and browse the thousands of cities on offer. Wish Lists let you plan ahead for places you want to visit. You can also keep a record of your travels to share with other Airbnb users. While some users have an idea about where they might like to go, Airbnb also provides the Discover option, which lets users browse through a selection of the world's most popular cities in search of that perfect holiday. You can even invite others to join you, for which you'll earn travel credit

While some users have an idea about where they might like to go, Airbnb also provides the Discover option, which lets users browse through a selection of the world's most popular cities in search of that perfect holiday

This introduces the next feature. If you'd rather help other Airbnb users with their travels, and have a spare room available for rent, you can use the Host feature. Connecting people through the app is extremely easy. Tapping a city in the Discover section will reveal various details of that city including a list of available accommodations, pricing, location for the accommodations, available reviews, a large thumbnail for each, and the option to click a heart indicating your approval for the location if you've just stayed there. 

The Booking Process

Tapping the thumbnail will let you contact the host, request a booking, and will display supplementary information including the number of rooms, beds, and the number of guests who have stayed there in the past. Once you've decided, you can proceed to pay and you're all set. If you want to share your experience, a series of social media buttons on the top right for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. 

For the host, the process is equally straight forward. When listing a property, you have many decisions. First, the type of space: Entire Home, Private Room and Shared Room. Is it a Flat, a House or a Bed & Breakfast? Other options exist such as loft, castle, and dormitory. Next, a city and approximate location is provided, and then the price. Once you've provided some specific details about the house itself (title, highlights, images, etc.) you're all set. The most important thing is ensuring that a strong thumbnail and set of photos is on offer, as most will see the image and the person's picture before anything else. Displaying a reasonable price will draw more customers in. You can easily compare your prices when listing your space.

Travel, Host, Connect

The service is an amazing option for anyone who loves to travel, or who enjoys helping others and meeting new people. The menus are simple to navigate and there is more than enough cities and properties to choose from. Hosting options are comprehensive, allowing users to display information on every aspect of their property. It is the perfect method for connecting hosts and travellers, made all the more convenient on your smart device. Well worth a download for frequent travellers. With a database of thousands of cities, including a comprehensive list of popular destinations, you're bound to find what you're looking for in no time at all. 




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