Aldiko Book Reader


Aldiko is the eBook reader loved by more than 15 million people worldwide


  • More than 15 million use Aldiko in more than 200 countries
  • Supports most popular eBook formats
  • A library of thousands of excellent books, a lot of which are free
  • Great interface, brilliant design


  • Has nothing overly innovative, and is ultimately the same as other readers on the market

Aldiko is one of the top eBook readers on the Android market. There are over 15 million people using it in over 200 countries.

One reason why it is so appealing to those who love to read is because it gives you the ability to entirely change how texts appear. For example, users can adjust the font and its size, including background colours, the margin, alignment, line spacing, as well as the brightness. This makes it invaluable to those with low vision as they can change the settings to suit their own needs.

Aldiko supports EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM eBook formats. It’s extremely user-friendly and has an incredibly visual interface. The reader has bookmarks that users can place on any page, as well as a function to allow them to skip ahead in a book through the table of contents. With an excellent library system, you can quickly import any books you already have and organize into collections using tags which makes it easier to relocate them in time.

The application remembers where a user has finished reading so that the next time they use it they can begin from where they last left off. There is also a great in-app shop in which users can buy from a selection of thousands of eBooks to include new releases, best-sellers and classics, lots of which are free. The app also has an in-built dictionary that users can use when they don’t understand a word in a text they’re reading.

Overall Aldiko is a highly-impressive application and is a must download for anyone who loves to read.

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Version 3.0.1

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