Alien Shooter


Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter is a third-person action and shooting game in which you’ll have to confront a horde of alien invaders and defend Earth.

The storyline is simple and effective: a race of aliens has invaded the planet and is gradually eliminating human beings. You are a fortunate survivor who has to defend yourself against the continuous attack of these greenish beings before it is too late.

Alien Shooter includes two game modes. In the first mode you must finish levels and complete the different objectives to become the savior of the planet and of mankind.

The survival mode is a bit more limited. Here the objective consists in holding out as long as possible against the attack of waves of aliens that attack your territory.

You’ll have to go through various scenes, and you have a large number of weapons available, which you can increase as you advance in the game.

• Detailed scenes
• Two game modes
• Large variety of weapons
• Intense action

• Action can be repetitive
• Poorly developed storyline

Alien Shooter limitations:
• 50 uses available
• Restricted features
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Type Demo


Size 6.37 MB

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