Amazing Thief, an addictive and very challenging game


  • Simple to use and addictive


  • It is very difficult

Thieves have two important tasks to do: one of them is to steal what they want and the most important of all: to escape with their loot; Amazing Thief is a game about the second one controlling a little character through a path full of obstacles.

In Amazing Thief you will have to overcome the most challenging levels using your skills to jump nonstop and avoiding the obstacles.
It may sound very easy but it isn’t: first levels may be easy –or not- but if you are able to advance in the game you will find really difficult and challenging levels. You have to calculate very well your jumps and we repeat: it’s not easy to do it. You will have to repeat it a lot of times to improve your technique and to overcome your own record. That’s why Amazing Thief turns into a very addictive game.

So, if you want to have fun and to challenge yourself while you are travelling or waiting the bus, don’t think twice and download Amazing Thief, it’s totally free!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0

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