Organize notes in a tree structure and include bookmarks and interactive items

AmlPages Portable is an information manager with which you’ll be able to create and edit interactive notes, adding text, Web pages and other items in an organized way. You’ll always find the relevant information you need, thanks to an efficient system of tags.

AmlPages Portable lets you create and organize notes in a tree structure, similar to the one you find in Windows Explorer. You’ll be able to save text, passwords, complete Web pages and any type of information that might interest you later. You’ll also have an option to automatically insert links, tables, images, the date and even screenshots.

Even better, you can customize each of the tree’s nodes any way you like, changing the font, the text size and even the colors. You’ll also mark different parts of your notes and add as many tags as you want, to make it much simpler to find anything you need with the powerful search engine. The bookmarks will always appear next to the text so you won’t waste time looking for them, and you can even access a special view in which all the bookmarks for the selected node are shown, or for the tree in general.

After downloading AmlPages Portable you’ll be able to capture complete websites with a single button (to make them available offline) and drag and drop the text you want to save into the note editor. In addition, the application requires no installation, letting you take it with you anywhere on a USB memory.

What are you waiting for to download AmlPages Portable for free and improve the organization of your notes?

• Lets you capture websites
• Structure similar to the Windows Explorer
• Lets you add tags and bookmarks
• Easy to use

• Somewhat rudimentary look

AmlPages Portable limitations:
• 40-day trial

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Type Shareware

Version 9.76 Build 2671

Size 5.03 MB

Other versions

9.76 Build 2671 9.76 Build 2670 9.72 Build 2644 9.72 Build 2637 9.69 Build 2599