Ancient Quest of Saqqarah


Restore the temples of Saqqarah in this highly original match-3 puzzle game for PC


  • Strong Egyptian-style colors, graphics, and textures
  • Multi-directional match-3 mechanics brings something new to the genre
  • Play through dozens of interesting levels as well as bonus levels
  • Dynamic gameplay features including Seth tokens make matching tokens more difficult
  • Use various magic powers from charged tokens
  • Set and beat your own high scores in a three-tiered ranking system


  • Gameplay becomes repetitive after a time

Ancient Quest of Saqqarah is a free puzzle game for PC, developed by Codeminion, in which you must help defeat an ancient evil by delving deep below the sands and restoring the temples of Saqqarah. The game is available here as a demo version only. The full version is available externally. 

Core Gameplay and Features

When you begin the game, you will be given the choice of several level packs. In the demo version, only one of these is available to play. The game takes place in Saqqarah, an ancient realm of Egypt. Players must progress through dozens of unique levels housed in temples in order to obtain the secrets to restoring Saqqarah to its former glory. You will do so with the assistance of Khufu, the magical monkey from the Underground Oasis. 

Ancient Quest of Saqqarah presents itself as a regular match-3 type game, and in many respects this is true. Levels are divided amongst various temples spread througout Saqqarah, each containing stages with six levels. The level layout is also quite similar to other games in the series. If you have never plated match-3 games, the basic idea is simple. 

In this game, in addition to these axes, tokens can also be matched diagonally, adding an entirely different dynamic to play. In fact, matches are completed as long as one token connects with two others in any direction

When you begin a level, your main objective will be to swap adjacent tokens on the board to match three in a row, normally on a vertical and horizontal axis.  In this game, in addition to these axes, tokens can also be matched diagonally, adding an entirely different dynamic to play. In fact, matches are completed as long as one token connects with two others in any direction. This is quite a novel feature for match-3 games. Controls for the game are a simple point and click affair, fairly standard for this type of game. Each level also has a built-in timer, visible on the left-hand side, which adds more pressure to play. To complete a level, you must light up the whole board by matching each token to at least two others. If you fail to complete a level before the time runs out, you will be given the option to replay the level. At the end of the level, you will see your rank, your level score and your time bonus, ranked out of three. For the completionists, trying to get a maximum score on each level is part of the challenge.  

As you play through a level, Khufu will turn certain tokens into explosive ones. Hitting one of these will knock surrounding tokens on to the ground until they are swept away by Scarab the Sweeper. This will fill a tube on the right-hand side which will allow Khufu to cast spells - power-ups that enable you to finish levels more quickly.

When you advance to more difficult levels you will encounter other obstacles like Seth tokens, which will prevent you from matching items. These add a steady difficulty curve to the game and drastically change up gameplay from standard match-3 mechanics. The connections between tokens will also become more complex, branching in multiple directions, curving and so on. The game also contains various bonus levels in which you must find hidden glyphs of magic on a wall of hieroglyphics. Doing so will provide access to even more abilities including Token Charge, Lightning and many more. 

Graphics, Visuals and Sound

Graphically, the game is quite stunning. Saqqarah's landscape, colors and buildings flood the player with a sense of awe for times long past. The great use of lighting and shadow for structures, levels, and the menus are also a nice touch. Statues and other figures located in temples are rendered as high quality images. The music similarly helps to add to the ancient atmosphere. Graphics for the tokens placed in levels, as well as for the animations when you match them, is sharp and sounds rewarding to the ears, an important point in match-3 games. 

The Verdict

With dozens of levels to play, revolutionary match-3 mechanics and an amazing atmosphere, Ancient Quest of Saqqarah does a great job at keeping up with the demanding match-3 puzzle genre. Match tokens of a kind in any direction for a much more creative gameplay experience. Power through levels with Sweeper the Scarab, unlock power-ups like the Shuffle button. Play in several difficulty settings. Complete all bonus levels and find all the glyphs of magic to help unlock even more upgrades. Embrace the vibrant Egyptian-style colors, backgrounds and textures and immerse yourself in their ancient world. If you're looking for a puzzle game with some originality, look no further. Download the trial for free now. 

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Type Shareware

Version 1.19

Size 25.32 MB

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