Android for PC


Use most Android applications from your desktop


  • All the operating system’s services
  • The convenience of using the mouse


  • You’ll want a mobile with Android

Android for the PC is an installation pack of the most popular mobile operating system for cellphones and tablets, now available for computers.

For quite a while now you can see the excellent operating system from Google, Android, on a large number of smartphones. And if you ask any of its users about their experience with it, you’ll undoubtedly hear a great amount of praise for it. Then, why not try out Android for the PC completely free? This is a beta version, meaning that some of its functionality can be limited, but to a great extent, you’ll find everything available.

How do I install Android for the PC?

First of all you’ll have to download the installer offered here. Once you have finished the complete process, you’ll find an ISO file on your Desktop or default download folder. This image can be burned on an auto-starting CD, run with a virtual drive or placed on a USB key for testing. Ideally, you would reserve an empty disk partition, restart the computer with the CD inside and follow the installation steps. In case you know how to use virtual machines, you can also try it out easily from there.

The interesting thing is that you can use most of the applications offered on the Android Market on the computer itself; you can even install the famous Whatsapp.

Android for PC icon

Type Shareware

Version 5.1

Size 358 MB

Other versions

5.1 4.4-r5 4.0 RC2