Android x86: an open software project to use Android with in your browser


  • Operating system free with open code.
  • Android on your PC.
  • Compatible with all apps.


  • Still has some bugs.
  • It’s not an official Google project.

Unless you have a iPhone, it’s likely that your smartphone uses Android, right? This variation of Linux developed by Google has become the undisputed king of mobile operating systems. But what if they extended it to PC? Well, this is was Android x86 aims to do. It’s an open software project that allows the Google system to run smoothly with x86 platforms.

Android for PC? Now it’s possible

It’s been a bumpy ride for those working to bring the popular operating system to PC. The developers have had to resolve a myriad of problems, but it now looks like they’re on the right track as the coding has been stabilized.
So what do you need? Installation is easy, you just need to create an x86 Android ISO extracted onto the PC from an external unit, such as a CD, DVD, USB, etc. What remains is for Google to take over the project, which may well revolutionize the computer industry as Microsoft did in its day. By the way, you don’t even need a high performance computer because x86 Android runs fine on old computers, too.

You’re the boss

With Android x86 you can virtually do what you want, as you would on your mobile. Imagine it as a normal operating system, like Windows, but with all the characteristics of a mobile device.
An operating system like Android x86, as you might expect, let’s you install apps. Imagine: playing your favorite games or using your favorite apps with mouse and keyboard. Don’t hesitate and longer and download Android x86. What could go wrong?

Android x86 icon

Type Free (GPL)

Version 7.1

Size 809 MB

Other versions

7.1 6.0 (32-bit) 6.0 (64-bit) 5.1 4.4