Angry Birds Abra-Ca-Bacon


Use magic to your advantage in Angry Birds Abra-Ca-Bacon

Angry Birds Abra-Ca-Bacon is a platform game for PC that continues the Angry Birds saga with a touch of magic.

The gameplay is identical to the previous games, with the aim being to crush the pigs with the power of physics. There will be 30 levels to master, plus 6 locked levels that are only unlocked when the player earns a certain amount of stars.

Angry Birds Abra-Ca-Bacon, however, has an extra little twist: the addition of magical portals. These are essentially teleporters, and once a bird or object is flung through one it comes out the other end, which is a portal that matches the original one in color.

This new feature will surely make for much more engaging gameplay and new challenges for players. As seen in the promotional video, the magic portals make it so that, if planned carefully, you can use the same bird to knock things over in two completely different parts of the level.

Download Angry Birds Abra-Ca-Bacon free for PC and jump into a game that embraces the notion of teleportation!

• 30 levels
• 6 unlockable levels
• Magic portals to try out

• Requires an emulator for PC
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Type Freeware

Version 3.2

Size 67.67 MB

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