Angry Birds: Back to School


Angry Birds: Back to School

Angry Birds: Back to School is the latest version of the famous platform game which, three years after its creation, still has high download statistics. This time there are new adventures, previously unpublished scenarios and a great surprise.

The new Angry Birds arrived

The Rovio developers have made the year 2012 very productive and successful. First, the release of Angry Birds Space, in collaboration with NASA, was a great success among the audience. Then they tried their luck with Amazing Alex, and were successful here, too.

Now, this new edition of the Angry Birds Seasons saga arrived for the return to classes in the northern hemisphere. With it, a few new features came such as new levels, fortresses and an air of renewal of the hate the birds have towards the thievish pigs.

Pink Bird: The new female Angry Birds character

The main innovation in the new Angry Birds: Back to School is the inclusion of a previously unknown character: Pink Bird. This bird is the new participant in the clan, and, apart from being pink and representing a child, provides the group with a new weapon.

When she explodes she converts to bubbles that surround the pigs’ fortress. These soap bubbles levitate a few meters, then burst and let the remains fall on the remaining pigs, causing considerable damage.

In summary, in this download you’ll find everything you need to pulsate and know this fantastic game. The video we offer you will present you levels and the all-new Pink Bird. Download it today and start enjoying it.

• New characters
• New levels

• Nothing to report
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