Angry Birds Friends


Compete with Angry Birds players all over the world in this highly competitive iteration of the series


  • Participate in weekly 6-level tournaments with your friends and find out who's the best
  • Connect with Facebook and share your scores online
  • Classic Angry Birds gameplay and mechanics
  • Simple touch controls
  • Use Bird Coins to purchase Power-Ups for your birds
  • Send Bird Coins and other gifts to your friends
  • Progress through multiple league tiers and be the best in the world


  • In-game advertisements and microtransactions

Angry Birds Friends is a free puzzle platformer game for Android, developed by Rovio. It is an excellent addition to the highly popular series of Angry Birds games which have emerged in recent times in which can you take on your friends in highly competitive tournaments on a regular basis. The app is available to download here in its full version, completely free. 

Rovio's Legacy

In the past few years, mobile gaming has had a massive impact on how games in general are being developed. Casual players tend to shy away from complicated titles and favor those with simple game mechanics and highly enjoyable gameplay. Rovio's games have been a shining example of this, offering not only a highly popular series of games known as Angry Birds, but a legacy from which other developers can begin to redefine the genre of mobile games as a whole. Angry Birds Friends takes up the Angry Birds series once more, this time in a far more competitive environment. 

Core Gameplay 

In many respects, the game is similar to its predecessors, offering similar core game mechanics. For those who are unfamiliar with the Angry Birds series, the player is presented with a sideways (2D) view of an environment. The main objective is to fire your birds from the left-hand side of the screen towards a set of obstacles to score points using the highly intuitive touch controls. After playing for a while, you'll learn how certain objects react and interact, what unique abilities your birds have and how best to maximize your score. Tapping on a bird in flight will usually trigger these abilities e.g. inflation, spinning, explosions, etc. If you want to get used to the mechanics, the game offers a Tutorial mode which teaches you how to play. 

A Global Angry Birds Experience

Have you ever wanted to gloat about the unrivalled skills you possess while playing Angry Birds? Perhaps you just wanted a more competitive setting for a game that you enjoyed so thoroughly. Well, in Angry Birds Friends, you are not alone in your pursuit of a high score. In fact, the game places all of its emphasis on intense competition with other players through the weekly tournaments it holds. To get started, you must first complete the tutorial mode to unlock Tournament mode. Following this, you will have to connect your Facebook account with the app. The only downside here is that this is not an option: it is required to avail of the game's tournament features. 

Tournaments are held on a weekly basis and contain six levels each, all brand new every time. The level of connectitivity you choose is up to you, whether you want to invite ten friends or just one. In levels, this can be done from a sidebar on the right-hand side where your scores are displayed. If you are not currently connected to any of your friends, you will be competing against Red and Chuck. Each level contains a three-star rating, based on your score. You will also receive Bird Coins for your performance. These can be used in the in-game store to purchase power-ups for your birds including slingshot upgrades, sniper sights, earthshakers and more. These add a dynamic experience to gameplay by allowing you to strategize about how to best approach a level layout and get those pigs. The in-game store will also allow you to top up your Bird Coins with microtransactions. This is a fairly standard feature for mobile games, but the amount of coins available to you through competing in tournaments and completing levels is more than enough for most players.

Each level contains a three-star rating, based on your score. You will also receive Bird Coins for your performance. These can be used in the in-game store to purchase power-ups for your birds including slingshot upgrades, sniper sights, earthshakers and more

At the end of each week, Angry Birds Friends will determine who among your Facebook friends performed the best in these levels and award them with more coins. Coins are also given for silver and bronze positions. Players can also participate in a global tiered league system where they can get promoted to higher, more competitive leagues and become the best player in the world. 

The game has a few issues to point out, though. The six or so levels you are offered each week are insufficient for many players, since the only replay value they offer is for competitive purposes and the levels do not take long to complete the first time. You also have no access to old levels since the six on offer are replaced with new ones every week. Second, since the game is fully emphasizing multiplayer, there is no single player mode to speak of, which will disappoint a lot of fans. 

Graphics, Visuals and Sound

The visual style of the Angry Birds series has always been one of its best features. Angry Birds Friends offers colorful, cartoonish graphics for its famous birds, gorgeous level design for objects, textures, backgrounds and much more. The game also has an excellent suite of sound effects for each of your birds when they cry or clash with objects. Menus and the user interface are also bright and colorful. 

The Verdict

Angry Birds Friends is a classic Angry Birds game in many ways. It offers the same colorful and cute graphics, simple but enjoyable game mechanics and general craziness that fans of the series will enjoy. Where it differs is in its emphasis on full Facebook connectivity and weekly multiplayer tournaments. This new competitive side to the game certainly makes things interesting. Participating in weekly tournaments gives players a reason to hop into the game each week for six brand new levels and to push for those high scores and top tier leagues. The game also introduces some new power-ups for your birds including the sniper sights, an upgraded slingshot and the wingman, providing a more diverse set of options for gaining an edge over your opponent. Unfortunately, the levels posted each week cannot be replayed once that week has passed, so there are only ever six on offer. The game also encourages the player to use microtransactions to purchase more Bird Coins and power-ups, employing a kind of "pay to win" strategy. Nevertheless, if you're a fan of Angry Birds and want to play the game more competitively, Angry Birds Friends is an excellent addition to the franchise and has plenty of new content to keep players interested week in, week out. Well worth downloading. 

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Type Freeware

Version 1.5.0

Size 27.99 MB

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