Angry Birds Go


Get ready for a racing game from your favorite franchise in Angry Birds Go for PC

Angry Birds Go is a new racing and puzzle game from the Angry Birds franchise that is sure to please with its familiar characters and new gameplay style.

It promises to be a totally new way to look at Angry Birds. If you go to the Rovio website, you can check out a trailer that consists of a very brief animation that starts off with the words READY SET GO. Then you see what appears to be a bird racing down a road. Next it says “Something new is coming”, and you are left wondering what it could be.

From the animation, it can be gathered that Angry Birds Go will be some sort of racing game, or maybe one in the style of Temple Run. The game won’t be released until mid-summer, so until then we will just have to keep speculating as to what kind of game it could be.

In the meantime, download a free Angry Birds Go wallpaper and try to figure it out yourself!
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