Angry Birds Heikki


From giant slingshot to F1 car racer

The cute birds from Angry Birds are back on your computer’s screen to confront the evil pigs that have stolen their eggs, once again. Rovio, the company who created the game, is preparing a new version that will make all the angry birds followers very happy.

In this new version that we met, for the first time, on June 18, 2012, the birds abandon the giant slingshot and the demolition of the pigs’ refuges, to ride powerful formula 1 cars. Rovio managed to reach an agreement with the F1 car racer, Heikki Kovalainen, who seems to have enjoyed his participation in Angry Birds Space, to guide them in setting up this very promising release.

As mentioned before, this isn’t the first time the driver participates in the game. In fact, as many already know, Heikki has been the inspiration for creating the Icebird character in Angry Birds Space, the cold and calculating blue bird. This time, apart from giving his name, the Finnish race driver gives the game an entirely new plot.

To start feeling the launch of Angry Birds Heikki, you can download this wallpaper pack, full of illustrations about the saga’s new title. You’ll be able to install it on your PC and show off all the Angry Birds characters on your screen, in each of their adventures, including the latest one as formula 1 racers. Besides, once the download is finished, the installer will show you a button that will let you play the first levels online.

Download the wallpapers and start playing the first Angry Birds Heikki levels online.
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