Angry Birds


Angry Birds

This is the PC version of Angry Birds, a famous puzzle game in which you’ll have fun in numerous levels.

Various hours of entertainment

Angry Birds is about a group of birds that are quite angry because the eggs from their nest have been stolen. You’ll have to launch the birds with a slingshot to help them reach the thieving pigs, who are protected by buildings. It is your objective to eliminate the pigs with as few shots as possible.

The difficulty in this title consists in calculating the angle and strength of the shot, bearing in mind the location of the pig and what type of fortress protects it. As the game advances, many of the pigs get to farther locations or under stronger and stronger constructions.

Numerous levels

Angry Birds will challenge you often, as it presents variations in the game’s terrains and building materials. The latter ones will be from wood, crystal, stone, snow and clouds.

On the other hand, the game terrains can assist the player for launching, or they can be totally unfavorable. As the levels advance, the terrain will offer more and more natural cover to the pigs, so you’ll have to find a way to reach them.

When the game gets too difficult, you’ll be able to find various tricks (known as cheats) on the Internet, which the developers have hidden in different levels, to get past them. Another possibility is to watch videos that other players have uploaded on the Internet, showing the solution to different levels.

In summary, Angry Birds is a simple but well-designed game. With a clear objective, you’ll confront the challenge of overcoming various difficulties with calculation, patience, and if you want, some extra help. You’ll have various hours of pure entertainment.

• Various hours of continuous playing
• High dose of humor
• The increasing challenges are enthralling

• Action can be repetitive
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Type Shareware

Version 4.2.1

Size 47.27 MB

Other versions

4.2.1 3.0 Windows PC 1.6.2