Angry Birds Space (PC)


Angry Birds Space: added fun when recovering the eggs from the evil pigs

Angry Birds Space is the latest release of the fun and world-famous arcade game, in which a group of angry birds must recover their eggs after evil pigs stole them.

Surely this is one of those rare occasions in which the sequel surpasses the original version, for it’s not only more fun, it also introduces advanced graphics and new game variables that must be considered, such as gravity.

Input from NASA

To achieve this change, the Angry Birds developers have received help from no less an organization than NASA. Why? It isn’t that these scientists play Angry Birds Space during their work and want to get it free. What happens is that they saw, in the game’s great popularity, a chance to spread some of the knowledge they generate every day.

The result was an Angry Birds version that’s more challenging and fun than ever. In this new edition, set in space, the angry but cute birds will have to confront the pigs bearing in mind a whole new set of variables: path, impulse, gravitational fields and planetary orbits.

That means the game has changed and all of its fans will have a lot of fun defeating the pigs. This new version will surely become an even more successful release than the first one.

Challenge gravity with Angry Birds Space

The new challenges consist in doing launches, considering gravitational fields in the places where the angry birds are located as a main factor. The force of gravity – represented by a translucent sphere with concentric animations – will depend on the planets’ mass.

Thus, the larger the world in which the pigs or the birds are located, the stronger the gravity will be. This will greatly change the path and the momentum for launching. Besides, in each of the 70 levels the challenges will increase, as gravity of moons or other nearby objects is included. The classic obstacles made of stone, glass and wood will also play an important role, appearing in shapes that get more and more intricate.

Fortunately, to defeat all these obstacles, a player that enjoys this entertaining title will have the assistance of a new character, apart from his skill in launching angry birds into the void.

Ice Bird, the saga’s new character

The new bird that makes its appearance in Angry Birds Space has a few tricks up his sleeves that will surprise the user as he advances in the game. This mysterious character is the “Ice Bird” (practically a block of ice with a beak and wings), that is based to a large extent on the Finnish Formula 1 racer Kimi Raikkonen, better known as “Iceman”.

In brief, you shouldn’t miss the chance to play this new release that has provided a conversation topic o for media all over the world and for the entire Web community.

• Includes gravity as a determining factor
• Completely renewed and innovative sceneries
• The appearance of “Ice Bird”
• Very fun
• Attractive soundtrack
• High image quality
• The game was successfully reinvented

• Can become addictive

Angry Birds Space limitations:
• First levels available

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Type Demo

Version 1.6.9

Size 49.33 MB

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