Angry Birds Space: Red Planet


Angry Birds Space: Red Planet

What is offered: video + wallpaper

Angry Birds Space: Red Planet is an expansion for Angry Birds Space, the popular arcade game from Rovio.

After NASA managed to get the space explorer Curiosity to the red planet’s surface, the world joined to celebrate the achievement. The Finnish company decided to go further, and as homage, placed Angry Birds on Mars with this update.

It is already well-known that the United States space agency collaborated in the creation of Angry Birds Space, to make the behavior of gravity as authentic as possible. For this reason, it´s almost to be expected that the angry birds celebrate this new achievement.

Angry Birds Space: Red Planet Update will be available at some moment in the northern summer. Until then, the Rovio company didn’t let many details leak out, just a very short video with the shadow of a bird crossing the Martian soil.

While you wait for this new launch, you can download this video and an exclusive wallpaper, to liven up the waiting a bit.
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