Angry Gran Run, run nonstop through the streets with the angry granny


  • Addictive game
  • Easy to use
  • Increasing difficulty


  • It can turn into a repetitive game

Granny is locked in the asylum and she is very angry and bored and she is looking for a little bit of emotion on her life. So she will run through the streets of the city avoiding all kind of obstacles in Angry Gran Run.

In Angry Gran Run you will put on the steps of the angry granny. She escaped from the asylum and she wants to leave that horrible place as far as she can.

The controls of Angry Gran Run are quite simple: you will have to run nonstop while you also jump and dash. For all of that you will have to slide your finger through the screen and even you can bend your device left or right so granny will move too. Moreover, you will have to avoid all kind of obstacles you will find, and when we said all kind, we mean all kind: from people crossing the street to sharks, or even dinosaurs!
Besides, you will find punks on your way and you will have to kick them to get coins. Those coins will increase your score and you will multiply your points, so you will be able to advance through the levels and to increase the distance.

Angry Gran Run is an addictive and funny game with a lot of extras such as costumes, new characters and new stages so don’t think twice and download Angry Gran Run, help granny to be free again!

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Type Freeware


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