Animal Jigsaw Puzzles


Relive your childhood with hundreds of truly amazing and challenging themed puzzles for PC


  • Hundreds of puzzles to choose from in multiple genres from space to animals to nature, and many more
  • Customize the number of pieces, between 12 and 96, or enable rotation to increase difficulty
  • High quality images for each of the puzzles on offer
  • Easy to use, click-and-drag controls
  • Sort puzzle pieces to get to work quickly on a puzzle
  • Challenge your best times
  • Create your own Jigsaw puzzle from compatible images and formats


  • Clicking is sometimes unresponsive

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles is a free series of jigsaw puzzles for PC and Android, developed by Gojig, that recreates the timeless experience of puzzle-solving by importing them into the digital realm. Enjoy hundreds of puzzles from dozens of different genres, or even create your own, with this amazing program. The games are available online and are completely free to try. 

The Jigsaw Reimagined

As a child grows and learns, it will come up with potentially endless ways to entertain itself, all as a means of interpreting and understanding the world. Particularly in the early stages of its life, the physical world is its first stop, and one of the best ways to teach children about the fundamentals of play is to show them some puzzles. This allows them to expand their perception, abstract thinking, and most importantly, their education in the imagery of foreign worlds. With the prevalence of digital technology, the tactile nature of puzzles has fallen away, but the general principle still remains: taking parts of an incomplete image and making it whole. Even in adulthood, the jigsaw puzzle remains a timeless and self-contained exercise and means of self-expression. 

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles attempts to import the puzzle into the digital arena. This affords the puzzle par excellence certain advantages. Firstly, you will have access to far more puzzles at a glance than ever before. The web site provides the user with literally hundreds upon hundreds of puzzles from many different genres, including dogs, animals, close-up objects, space, nature, landscapes and many more. Puzzles range in difficulty from very simple to very difficult, usually depending on the nature of the image. One with multiple shades and lighting effects will normally be more complicated than one with a single focus or subject. Puzzles are based on high quality images and are then split into pieces, ranging from 12 pieces for beginners to 96 pieces for a bigger challenge. Thus, whether you're a child or an adult, a proportionally higher or lower difficulty can be applied. 

Doing a puzzle is just like in real life. When you begin a puzzle, the pieces will be scattered around the screen and stacked on top of each other in no particular order. A menu will appear which will either allow you to sort the pieces or solve the puzzle. The latter should only be done if you genuinely can't figure it out. To place a puzzle piece, simply click and drag it with your mouse. Android users can use their touch screen for this. If a piece fits, it will snap into place. If not, it will not. It's that simple. 

Doing a puzzle is just like in real life. When you begin a puzzle, the pieces will be scattered around the screen and stacked on top of each other in no particular order. To place a puzzle piece, simply click and drag it with your mouse

Completing a Puzzle and Rewards

Another feature of note that a regular puzzle will not offer you is the reward for finishing such a puzzle. Given the inherent educational nature of puzzles, should you complete a puzzle about anything, be it animal or outer space, you will hear a sound indicating your success, even animal sounds. Following this, a larger screen of text will appear offering additional information about the subject of your puzzle. For animals, this could include their origins, their behavioral patterns, their habits and their general way of life, much like an encyclopedia. This is particularly useful for younger children who don't know a lot about the animals they're 'piecing together'. 

In addition to the elation that comes from the successful completion of a puzzle, the game will also offer you a currency reward and a puzzle time, encouraging users to come back and try their luck at similar puzzles. The game has inherent replay value here, since even if a puzzle is easy initially, increasing the number of pieces or trying to complete the puzzle in a shorter time will greatly alter the dynamics of play. 

Graphics and Image Quality

The diversity of images on offer is self evident, but what's truly impressive is the quality of those images. They all appear in amazingly high quality regardless of category. If you're a fan of space, animals, nature or whatever else, they are bound to impress you. 

The Verdict

If you're in the mood to embrace your childhood once again, or simply take up a truly challenging puzzle, I would definitely check out Gojig's Animal Puzzles. There are literally hundreds of puzzles to choose from in a wide range of categories including not just animals but space, technology, nature and much more. Solving a puzzle uses a simple click and drag control system for placing pieces, so there is little or no learning curve. Aside from the occasional lack of responsiveness when clicking a piece, there were no other visible issues. When you complete a puzzle, a rewarding sound will greet you as well as some supplementary information about the subject of the picture including origins, history, and so on - much like an encyclopedia. When you've mastered a puzzle, try increasing the number of pieces or enabling rotation, making it far more difficult to identify non-perimeter pieces. What's more, once you've completed a great puzzle, you can share it with your friends and let them try it, too. The game is an ideal tribute to a genre of entertainment which, by all accounts, should never go out of fashion. If you were ever a fan of puzzles, I'd definitely give this one a go. Puzzles are all totally free to try. 

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