Anís del mono


MonoMusic, creating music with an anisette bottle


  • Funny app


  • On some devices sound is delayed

Anís del Mono is one of the most famous brands of anissette in Spain. With it, hundreds of families celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with the odd design of the bottle to play music. Now you have MonoMusic, an app with which you can recreate that sound with your Android device.

In MonoMusic you will find a virtual bottle of this famous liquor to create all kind of music, so you will have to let lose rein to your creativity part and to create a melody scratching the bottle with a spoon or giving light touches. The spoon will be a virtual one too; you don’t have to use a real one!
Moreover, MonoMusic includes other options such as to fulfill the bottle so it will sound different depending on the quantity of liquid and you could create new and different notes and melodies.

MonoMusic is a funny app to spend great moments with friends or family during Christmas Holidays playing Christmas Carols so don’t think twice and download MonoMusic for your Android device, it’s a free app.

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Type Freeware

Version 2.1

Size 7.86 MB

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