Antivirus Bullguard Mobile


Antivirus Bullguard Mobile, the best security while you navigate through the network


  • Huge number of security options
  • Auto updates


  • Trial version

With Antivirus Bullguard Mobile you won’t have to worry anymore about any kind of virus while you are navigating through the network with your device. Antivirus Bullguard Mobile comes with a powerful antivirus to stop any intromission for your security. And the best of all is that Antivirus Bullguard Mobile has automatic updates with the newest version of the software so you don’t have to think if the app is out of date to face new viruses.

Besides, Antivirus Bullguard Mobile includes an anti-theft system to block your mobile device and to delete all the info in the case that someone steals your device. Moreover, you will have the chance to create all the backups of the system you need.
All these functions are very easy to do because Antivirus Bullguard Mobile includes an easy and intuitive interface so anyone can do it.

It’s important to keep in mind that Antivirus Bullguard Mobile is a paid app but you have at your disposal a 15 days trial version so you can check by yourself how it works and how powerful is. After that you can decide if you want to buy a license to enjoy the full version with a lot more of options.

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Type Shareware

Version 1.0 (Android 2.1-2.2)

Size 370.53 kB

Other versions

1.0 (Android 2.1-2.2)