Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate


Safe browsing without annoying pop-up ads


  • Block ADS (standard and Pop-ups) from websites
  • Prevents accessing scam or malicious web pages
  • Avoid unwanted site redirection


  • Efficient besides the lack of advanced options

Personal data privacy and security while browsing are two things that, as users, we care about these days very much these days. A tremendous amount of malicious websites that come up every day, aimed at tracking our browsing habits, get our personal data, and even spreading malicious programs with a clear idea. It is for this reason that users are required to defend against these attacks.

Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate is precisely a tool designed to protect users while surfing the Internet. Its main function, as its name suggests, is to prevent the proliferation of ads in all web sites visited. Often these ads are merely vehicles for collecting personal data, which are then used to determine our surfing habits. Ultimate Anvi AD Blocker blocks them, to protect us from this kind of trickery.

Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate also allows you to create and edit lists of websites, both to prevent and to allow access. On one hand, this means that you can make a list of web sites, which will be denied access (which is also useful to prevent children from entering inappropriate web pages). On the other hand, we must recognize that sometimes the experts are wrong and block websites that are not really dangerous, so Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate gives us the chance to guarantee full access to sites that may have been wrongly blacklisted.

Unwanted redirects, be off

Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate also can avoid unwanted redirection. This often happens when perhaps you click a link to a secure site, but then this takes you to another webpage that you did not want to visit. Well, AD Blocker Anvi Ultimate limits this procedure, so that you keep control of your navigation.

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Type Shareware

Version 3.1

Size 7.88 MB

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