A smart approach to remote desktop applications


  • Manage files and documents on multiple machines remotely without a cloud server
  • 1.1 MB program size
  • Simple, single-window UI
  • Plenty of settings to customize your connection experience with others
  • Easy connection process with AnyDesk Addresses
  • Connection is quick, with excellent latency
  • DeskRT video codec for excellent in-software recognition of GUIs


  • Full screen can be awkward at times

AnyDesk is a remote desktop application for Windows which lets you access your programs, files and documents from anywhere, without the use of a cloud server. It is currently available for free for Windows. 

All Your Files, All in One Place

AnyDesk was developed by the creators of Teamviewer, one of the most popular apps in the remote desktop market. The software allows a user to control and manage the contents of a PC remotely without need of a cloud server. As with other remote desktop programs, AnyDesk is ideal for demonstrations to others and managing content on multiple machines. If you’re someone who is always on the move, but needs to manage their content from a distance, AnyDesk is the ideal program. 

The program has versions intended both for non-commercial and commercial use, containing some unique features. The commercial version, for instance, costing approximately €60 per year, allows you to make three simultaneous connections, and use AnyDeck Aliases for better identification of clients. The differences are minimal, however, and the software can be used perfectly well without premium services. 

Setting Up AnyDesk

AnyDesk is extremely easy to setup. All that is required is downloading and running the 1.1 MB application, and you’re ready to go with no installation. Once opened, AnyDesk generates a full-screen window similar to an internet browser, containing spaces for tabs at the top and menus on the right which can be used to manage all of your files. The window cannot be closed unless it is resized, which can be troublesome, but it’s only a small issue.

Once opened, AnyDesk generates a full-screen window similar to an internet browser, containing spaces for tabs at the top and menus on the right which can be used to manage all of your files.

The settings page offers a range of options for the user for modifying their connection settings. Passwords can be changed, and specific ones added, for unattended access, which is particularly useful if you want to access your PC while you are away. Specific functions can be blocked such as mouse or keyboard use. If someone requests a connection to your desktop, this will also show up, after which you can either accept or deny their request. You can balance display and audio quality with reaction times and latency for the optimum user experience. For example, for the best response times, audio quality might have to be lowered. Even in these cases, however, it’s still more than sufficient for most operations.

How to Connect

Connecting to other machines is quick, requiring only that you send them a request with your AnyDesk Address which the user can accept or decline. Once a connection has been established, the program gets to work. Latency never seemed to be an issue, and framerates approached as high as 60 fps at times. Text entry felt almost instantaneous. The DeskRT video codec contained in the program (techy details aside) also ensures that graphical user interfaces are recognized and responsive.

AnyDesk is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to manage content on multiple machines or provide technical assistance to friends or co-workers, without relying on a virtual storage device. Whether you're a casual or a business user, if you have multiple machines in the vicinity, AnyDesk saves you from individually booting up and connecting to each machine. Its UI is spacious, and while the full-screen mode is awkward at times, for the best visual quality it's to be expected. A myriad of settings allow you to tailor the program to your needs, including password control, unattended access controls, and audio-visual balancing. As remote desktops go, it's an excellent choice. 

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Type Freeware

Version 4.2.2

Size 1.97 MB

Other versions

4.2.2 4.2.0 4.1.3 4.1.2 4.1.0