Find and delete files with AppCleaner that burrow into your hard drive when you install apps


  • Single-window user interface
  • Display applications, widgets or other files
  • Select which files you would like to uninstall/delete
  • Fast-acting scanner and removal process
  • Supports Mac OS X versions 10.6 - 10.10


  • Indiscriminate scanning method means some selection is required by the user

AppCleaner is a free lightweight utility program for Mac, developed by FreeMacSoft. Uninstall unwanted apps and related files completely with this highly effective tool. Keep your Mac free from unnecessary clutter.

Streamlining your Mac

Ordinarily, when a computer user is examining files, writing reports, browsing the web, gaming or whatever else, they will seek out programs quite spontaneously that cater only to their immediate needs. While this may provide them with a solution at the time, in the long term it will result in a lot of unnecessary clutter on their hard drives, even if that program has been uninstalled. This comes in the form of trace files which have been left behind by programs which, amongst other things, will slow down your computer. As such, to declutter your computer and to free up space is an essential process, as it will not only make everything more organized but it will substantially improve your computer's performance in the process. AppCleaner is a very simple and easy-to-use utility which facilitates this, allowing you to completely uninstall and remove unwanted files and apps from your computer.

A Simple Solution

What sets AppCleaner apart from other utilities of its kind is its simple approach. It does not try to overload users with features, options, or settings. Instead, it remains dedicated to the simple but crucial task of uninstalling and removing unwanted files and apps. For this reason, the program is very lightweight and will not use up much of your system's resources while it's running. It is also compatible with Mac OS X versions 10.6-10.10, meaning millions of users will be able to benefit.

When you first install the program, you will be presented with a single grey window, the extent of its user interface. To initiate a scan, you just have to drag and drop an application, a widget or another file on to the AppCleaner window and it will immediately get to work. Its fast scanning speed will ensure that results are returned to you very quickly. The results displayed will cover the application itself as well as all files relating to it. 

Once the scan has completed the results will be displayed in list form, revealing the number of files and how much space they are taking up on your hard drive. You can click the three tabs at the top to toggle between apps, widgets or other files. It will then allow you to browse through and pick the files which are unwanted or unnecessary. If the file is a program which is installed on your machine, its built-in uninstaller will remove it. Otherwise, it will just delete the file. Boxes on the left-hand side allow you to specify which files you want to delete. An important point worth emphasizing is that AppCleaner will fully uninstall a program you have selected, eliminating the application itself as well as any trace files left behind. 

AppCleaner's scanning process is indiscriminate, meaning it will include mostly everything, both fully installed applications and trace files relating to those applications. If you are in any way unsure about whether you want to delete something or not, it is probably better to leave it be, since the program does not really have any way of identifying which programs are important. This is the only notable downside of the program. Nevertheless, if you're only looking to clean up your machine and remove unwanted apps and trace files, they will likely be easy to identify. Download AppCleaner now and declutter your computer. 

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Type Freeware

Version 3.4

Size 2.45 MB

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