AppDelete: to delete everything you don’t need already, even the root


  • Uninstall apps on your Mac.
  • Delete all associated files of an app.
  • Undo mode included.
  • Fast and very efficient.


  • Deleting is not definitive: you have to clean the Trash carpet to complete the process.

Maybe there is something simpler than to delete a program from your Mac? It’s easier than breath. Then, why go to an app like AppDelete to make the job? Because there is always something pending.

AppDelete is a program that not only uninstalls the programs from your Mac, but also takes charge about not letting traces of them. This is because AppDelete tracks the entire computer searching for associated files that the program you want to uninstall has, and it delete them completely.

This ‘complete’ deleting that AppDelete makes is not definitive: you always can go to the ‘Undo’ mode to recover files or even the app in case of an involuntary deleting. Although those cases are very odd, is good to know that with AppDelete you have that chance. On the contrary, if you would like to get rid of a program and its files forever, you only need to empty the Trash carpet.

This tool interacts with Launchpad and with the rest of Mac OS, so you can uninstall apps dragging the icon directly to AppDelete interface. And if you want, it is also possible to use AppDelete to try to save space on the hard disk because it has a mode that works to search programs that have not being used on the last months. As you can see, this is an essential tool to realize the maintenance of your Mac.

AppDelete icon

Type Shareware

Version 4.3

Size 5.44 MB

Other versions

4.3 4.2.7 4.2.5 4.2.4