Aqua Data Studio

Aqua Data Studio is a tool designed for database management.

With Aqua Data Studio you’ll be able to create and edit all sorts of functional SQL (database) queries for different operating systems. You’ll also be able to edit commands in databases created in Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle, among others.

Within the gallery of Aqua Data Studio applications you’ll find the “Visual Explain” function, created for the visual editing of storage and for security. It also includes extracting objects from command sequences, a query analyzer and instruments.

Aqua Data Studio offers professional tools for working with databases.

• Multilanguage platform
• Wide range of options

• Features are complex for the average user

Aqua Data Studio limitations:
• 14-day trial
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Type Freeware

Version 11.0.6

Size 287.08 MB

Other versions

11.0.6 11.0.0 10.0.8 (64 bits) 10.0.8 (32 bits) 10.0.7 Build 25250 (32 bits)