ArcSoft Collage Creator

ArcSoft Collage Creator is an image editor with which you’ll be able to carry out all sorts of photo creations in a few steps.

With ArcSoft Collage Creator you’ll be able to combine various images into a single document, not without adapting its size first through the enlarge and reduce commands. You’ll also have various predesigned templates available, with which it will be easy for you to create Christmas cards, birthday cards or simply greeting cards.

Finally, it should be noted that with ArcSoft Collage Creator you won’t get lost in interminable lists of functions; its use is rather basic and oriented towards any type of user.

• Intuitive interface
• Large number of predesigned images

• Rudimentary look
ArcSoft Collage Creator icon

Type Shareware

Version 1.0

Size 258.5 kB

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