Arctic Combat


Arctic Combat

Arctic Combat is an online action game in which you’ll play in the role of a soldier in the middle of a global conflict for the world’s resources. This FPS is published by Webzen, the same company that produced other addictive MMO games such as MU Online and C9 Continent of the Ninth Seal.

The action in Arctic Combat is set in the near future, in the middle of a crisis over the world’s natural resources. After a large amount of petroleum and natural gas is discovered under the ice of the Arctic Circle, tensions mount between the different world powers, who try to achieve a peaceful agreement, without success.

When the world’s fuel reserves start to get exhausted at an alarming rate and an economic crisis razes the world’s most powerful nations, a treaty between NATO and the United Nations is rendered ineffective, increasing the conflict. While Russia and the United States move troops to the north, other countries show their support for one faction or for the other, and World War III breaks out.

After downloading Arctic Combat for free, you’ll have to choose for which side you’ll fight: the Russian army, or the United States armed forces. Battles are based on clans and teams, and you’ll have to apply tactical and strategic abilities to defeat your opponents.

In Arctic Combat you’ll be able to use a large variety of weapons to achieve an advantage on the battlefield. Besides, as you play, you’ll learn active and passive abilities, and you’ll get trophies or useful items if you complete missions, in the style of many RPGs. It should be noted that you’ll be able to loot fallen players, both allies and enemies, letting you recharge your reserves of ammunition and other game items.

In summary, Arctic Combat is a fast-paced and very addictive game in which you’ll test your reflexes and abilities against users from all over the world. Download it for free!

• Several hours of gameplay
• Lots of action

• Doesn’t add anything new to the genre
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