Ares Fix

Ares Fix is a patch for the P2P download manager of the same name. With this small software you’ll be able to speed up Ares and improve it in many other aspects related to your connection.

How to always connect Ares 2012

Ares is the most-commonly used free program to exchange files worldwide. With this application it´s very difficult not to find any multimedia content you are looking for. To top it off, with the Ares Fix patch it´s possible to optimize it and to get the version currently available.

Obviously, to be able to install it, you first need to have the P2P program installed on your PC. Once you make sure this is the case, follow these simple steps that explain how to configure Ares:

1. Uninstall Ares from your PC and restart it
2. Download and install the latest Ares version
3. Install Ares Fix in the same directory as the version in the previous step
4. Restart the computer, as well as the router and/or modem

Once you finish these simple steps, you’ll see that any problem there may have been with Ares will have disappeared, and not only that, it will also be faster and more stable. This will let you download with Ares without any interruptions and access all the multimedia contents you want.

• Easy to install
• Improves the program’s connection

• Requires two system and modem and/or router restarts
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Type Freeware

Version 1.0

Size 42.84 kB

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